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    This is one of the top thriller novels by Stephen King who is known for producing freshness in all his work along with providing his readers with some great storytelling, excellent characterization and depicting events in a masterful manner. You will be amazed as a listener that how the author has creatively given some great attention even to the minute details of the story.

    This thriller story is about the Pennsylvania state police of Troop D and the secret that it has kept from as long as, since 1979. The secret was out when the Curtis Wilcox and the Ennis Rafferty troopers answered a phone call given from a local gas station and they reached back with and reckless Buick Roadmaster. Curt Wilcox is well familiar with the old cars and he was able to immediately recall this car that there is something terribly wrong with it. Once the Rafferty vanished a few hours later, the troopers were sure that the car was far worse than being just dangerous.

    The story is gripping with no dull moments at all. The story continues till the fall of 2001 when the Curt Wilcox got killed in a terrible car accident, which turns to be the turning point of the story. As you may expect that the story has multiple characters and for this reason, there are multiple narrators of the book, namely, Becky Ann Baker, James Rebhorn and Bruce Davison. Some other thrilling novels from Stephen King are Under the Dome, Misery and The Dead Zone which you should also read.

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