Fueled-Driven Series

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Colton and Rylee when first met each other they were unable to give a name to their feeling. Both wanted to have one another but they were not able to tell themselves the reason behind the attractive force. Till this second part by K. Bromberg the two lovers are mentally clear about one another. They can tell that from the beginning there was love developing between them that they were unable to comprehend at first. Rylee was reluctant in Driven, she was happy with her quite life and that’s why she tried hard to keep the man away from her.

But he just filled her up with the desires that she buried in the grave of her heart long ago. Colton just wanted to have her as a trophy first and then he too started feeling love because she did not leave him after knowing the truth about his dark side. Now both of them can just live together happily ever after but this is still not easy.

Colton never expected that a woman would come so close to him in his life and now she is there ready to come closer than he hoped. In order to bring her in completely he has to share all the secrets that he has been hiding from the world. Rylee knows some of the truths about her man but she does not know the whole thing and there is a danger that she might not act the same after listening to the whole of it.

Due to complications and twists in the story there are two narrators this time i.e Tatiana Sokolov and Sean Crisden. This has made understanding of the conversations a lot easier. Crashed the third part is not the end of the series but it is hoped that the author would reveal some secrets in that part. After that the series will go to the conclusion of the strange love story.



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