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Brad Thor in quick time with his The Scot Harvath Series managed to become the No. 1 bestselling author in New York Times. Full Black is a chapter out of this espionage/ mystery thriller. Here, the author is back with the most intriguing and the darkest thriller that he has ever produced. The story is or betrayal and espionage. You will find it superbly paced with some nonstop adventure and action.

There are definitely some missions for the top secretive agencies of the state, where missions can sometimes be highly intense and deadly. At the time, when a similar mission of such intense scale went wrong, a new wave of horrific terrorist attacks gets in motion. The goal of the terrorists this time was the complete collapse of the United States of America.

Scot Harvath had his own plan in order to infiltrate the mighty network of the terrorists operating inside and outside of America. He was fully prepared to counter the biggest terrorist threat that United States of America has ever faced in their history.

At the same time. A wet work foreign team is also deployed to California. Their target were the famous filmmakers of Hollywood.

The story develops nicely towards the conclusion, where the names of all the perpetrators are stunningly revealed, but with a twist.

The narration of this Full Black audiobook is done by Armand Schultz and his performance was way too impressive as anticipated by regular audience. If you liked this novel or its review, then you must also consider The Lines of Lucerne and Near Dark novels as well. They are also mystery thrillers and written superbly by Brad Thor.

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