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Creating new species after grafting the DNA of one kind into another has remained a thing of special interest for scientists over the years. Laurann Dohner takes this idea to a further level in the series by telling the listeners about the creation of species that had no existence previously. Ellie thought that she was working for an ordinary pharmaceutical company but she was wrong. The scientists of her company were experimenting to create unique new species.

For this dark desire, they were taking humans as subjects and their failure means a loss of precious life which was not quite significant for them at all. When Ellie comes to know about this big scandal linked to her firm she tries to save one of the species. Her career gets screwed up after getting indulged in a strange relation with Fury. Fury’s presence makes her forget everything that she was once interested in. First, it is lust that Vanessa Chambers narrates, and then comes a strange kind of bonding that cannot be negated by the couple. One must get a copy of Brawn and Justice: New Species, Book 4 along with this book.

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The whole series is masterly written and things just keep on getting more and more complex for both sides in these books. A new species that once existed in cages of human labs is now on the run and getting more and more powerful in every episode which means that tough time is approaching for the humans. From the looks of it, the species would surely try to dictate terms one day if it is not caged or tamed soon.

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