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Fyre is another brilliant novel in the Septimus Heap novel series. It is outstandingly written by Angie Sage, who is phenomenal with the quality of writing and creating immensely thrilling, surprising and comical situations.

All this makes a perfect choice for the younger audience between the ages of 8 to 10 to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Gerard Doyle has given the narration of this chapter, which turned out to be a brilliant attempt, which is all thanks to his strong and expressive voice that this novel needed.

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In this 7th chapter of the Septimus Heap novel series, Jenna, Beetle and Septimus are all 14 years old and with this age, they have now assumed much prominent roles within their Magykal world. Beetle is actually the Manuscriptorium’s Chief Hermetic Scribe and Jenna will be a Queen very soon. However, on the other end, Septimus Heap is still fighting with the Dark Domaine’s remnants.

This will continue till the evil power of the double-faced Ring is destructed forever. In order to accomplish that, the Alchemie Fyre should be relit, which was a thing that sends Septimus Heap right into the middle of the origins of Physik and Magyk.

This was a huge task ahead of him and this will test both his skills and loyalties towards Marcia Overstrand, the Extra Ordinary Wizard and also the Alchemist Marcellus Pye. It was a ong journey with many ups and downs for Septimus Heap.

Angie Sage is a specialist author, when it comes to writing the best novels for the younger generations and specifically the preteens. A couple of his other quality novels recommended for the younger lot are Darke: Septimus Heap, Book Six and Magyk.

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