Galaxy’s Edge, Part III

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The epic battle of Tarrago once again brings the legion together as it tries to stop the battle and also contain the damage. The heroes Chunn and Wraith once gain join their forces for the safety and protection of the masses.

However this time the enemy is not present in hidden form like in the previous part Galaxy’s Edge, Part II  it’s a battle in the open seas and battlegrounds. Jason Anspach and Nick Cole bring the story to an entirely new level. This is a battle that is one of a kind as even the combined forces of the heroes are not ample this time.

The mighty Black Fleet appears to be unstoppable and it means a business that could result in a life lost on a massive scale. The fight is like always on several levels that increase several subplots of the novel as well.

We see Chunn and Wraith fighting against the Black Fleet and then at the same time Nether Ops operation that provides an entirely new direction to the war. Goth Sullus’s attack on the republic from different sides is another issue that the legion deals with and this man is with a different motive.

Lastly, the fictional touch is the main item that paints the real picture of war. The Cyber is trying to rise from their captivity. Cybar the soulless Menace wants to return to the world of flesh not only to take revenge but to get its stronghold back on the whole galaxy, after slaughtering every one of course.

R.C. Bray is allover at the start but that is quite obvious as the story starts on different levels at once. But the narration is fine once the storyline becomes clear to us.




Galaxy’s Edge Series :


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