Galaxy’s Edge, Part IV

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A total war scenario in this fourth part brings a change in the whole movement. The legion has only one primary objective i.e to save the galaxy from the bloodthirsty savages like the Zhee. This time however even the house of reason joins its forces with the Zhee and for the legion, there is only one way out, war till the end of one group and the victory of the other.

Jason Anspach and Nick Cole take the fight between these groups to an entirely new level as the legion cannot advocate another truce.

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The legion is left with no chance of running away either. The corrupt are on the rise as the fourth part goes to the climax and those following the code seem to be struggling with their motives. Chhun and Wraith once again show concern not only for their crews but also for the people and the creatures of the galaxy as well. The writer has revealed several secrets in this part as well.

Especially secrets about Tyrus Reichs’s past that changing the course of the battle to some extent and keeps the story lively along with the hope of the bright days that might return to the galaxy once again.

The whole drama is well-knit with the previous parts and if someone hasn’t read the books Galaxy’s Edge, Part II and Galaxy’s Edge, Part III this novel is a mighty tough one to understand because the links are deep-rooted in the previous books. The narration though the same but R.C. Bray has experimented a bit with the tone which proves to be a good change.




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