Galaxy’s Edge, Part V

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The series is a real treat for someone who possesses an interest in science fiction along with a spice of chivalry in it. True men emerge in the battlefield as we reach to the fifth part and no doubt Jason Anspach and Nick Cole make their heroes suffer in battle. It is after the suffering that a real hero emerges.

Chhun and Wraith once again hope against hope to get the article 19. Though the heroes have realized up till now that their team was never enough but still they are ready for a fight. A fight is what we want from our heroes so that we can see their true potential in war. Goth Sullus the new ruler grows in power and his tyrannical rule brings more and more disaster for the people of the land.

The role of the Black Fleet also emerges once again and for the most negative this time. The one good thing about the whole series that is quite noteworthy is the justice that the writers have done with the character.

Each character is given appropriate time and a proper role and it is left up to us to select the character of our choice we are never forced to like specific characters.

At the same time, the introduction of one or two new characters makes us engaged in the work as R.C Bray continues the magic of his voice in this part as well. The narration surely has improved if it is compared with Galaxy’s Edge, Part II and Galaxy’s Edge, Part III as the narrator also knows the characters in a better way now.




Galaxy’s Edge Series :


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