Garro The Horus Heresy, Book 42

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Rise of Garro garnishes the saga with a more enthusiastic new hero, Horus dominated series never had a real emerging hero full of talent like this one.

Surely Garro proves to be a legend in the making and one day he would be able to lift the Legion to its prime status. Garro has performed his duties during the Silent War and the time has come to reveal the true skills in the open against the common enemy.

Eisenstein was once under the thumb of this hero but he was relieved of his duties and here he joins a new campaign. Battle Captain shows readiness to answer back every attack of the Warmaster and the time to fear Horus is gone. The Imperium now has a soldier with the heart of a lion in the battlefield and for the general public he is the most dutiful servant one will ever find.

Garro does not appear to be like the Emperor in personality but he too hides many things, one of which is his fate that he tries to forget in each battle but it pounces back in his mind. Destiny got too big even on Horus and now it troubles the noblest of soldiers that Terra has got over the past few decades. James Swallow has created a beauty here in the shape of this outstanding creation of his imagination.

Story of the book is not in continuous order like The Flight of The Eisenstein and Fear to Tread there are small stories though about the same person but each has a separate climax. Toby Longworth not excellent but fine in these stories in chapter form, had it been a longish version of story the narrator could have slipped in flashbacks.

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