Gateway to War

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Gateway to War: Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 3

Gateway to War is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the third chapter in the Runs of the Galaxy novel series. This is written by Christopher Hopper and J. N. Chaney. The latter of the authors’ duo has worked in collaboration with several other authors for writing science fiction novels. His partnership worked well with Christopher and people liked their work in Gods and Men novels. Moreover, the Ruins of the Galaxy novel also did extremely well for both authors.

The narration of Gateway to War novel is done by R. C. Bray. He has hardly ever disappointed his followers as he is such a talented and unique performer that we have today. He gave his usual best performance in this audiobook.

Lt. Magnus was able to survive through the rescue op of his unit but only to discover himself charged for treason. He must look to aide Piper to Luma. That had to be done well before the dark forces could find out about her supernatural abilities.

Once there, Lt. Magnus discovered himself up against the new enemy. Even worse, he found his latest enemy at the place where he expected the least.

Awen in the meantime revealed a new plot that was threatening enough to upend the order through the entire galaxy. Magnus along with her found their way to a far-off alien world where they were supposed to work in tandem for setting up a new team.

Will it be possible for Magnus to withstand the violent wave fast approaching him?

The book put too much emphasis on the weakest character of the story. The storyline and characterization have not been that good especially when you compare this with the previous two chapters in the series.

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