Generation Z

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Generation Z marks the beginning of a beautiful saga by Peter Meredith, which is based on Post-apocalyptic science fiction fantasy. This is par1 of the series with the same name as the subject novel, Generation Z. Brian Callanan has done the narration of this novel, which was excellently done performance with his strong, powerful and expressive voice.

It has been more than 12 years since the undead throngs managed to sweep over the planet earth, while pushing the mankind to the brink of its extinction. Things have changed since then and we are living here just like rats and scavenging right in the ruins of our tumbled civilization, just as the dead would hunt us all night and day. There is just very little left to scavenge, but however, Grocery stores were vacated many moons ago. The fuel tanks have dried up and the bullets are so costly that anyone with a couple of them would consider himself to be very lucky. The strongest people in this world wouldn’t be able to survive any long. They were actually the first from the lot to die and leaving behind them a huge generation of the orphans. It is that generation that is known never to have a fuller belly ever. It is a generation that has no idea at all that what Xbox did or why at all we use algebra.

The author Peter Meredith has written a few other novels on science fiction novels that earned him a good name in the literary writing fraternity. A couple of worth mentioning novels by the author are The Apocalypse: The Undead World Novel 1 (Volume 1) and the Generation Z: The Queen of the Dead novels.

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    The Last Romantics

    Generation Z: The Queen of the Dead


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