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The author, A. G. Riddle is ranked among the top lot and had produced some really sensational novels, which depicts his vast creativity and knowing how to deal with audience of varying taste. The novel, Genome also contributed notably in the successful career of A. G. Riddle. The novel is 2nd chapter of Extinction Files. It is a crime mystery thriller and those who have gone through the opening chapter of this series are well aware that what is coming up next. One thing that you might not be knowing is that the narration is once again done by Edoardo Ballerini for this novel.

This novel is the concluding one of the short The Extinction Files series.

The race is for the code, which is hidden somewhere within the human genome. Decoding that code would ultimately break the secrets about the very existence of human race. But that comes at a risk. If anything goes wrong then the entire humanity will come under serious threat of its existence.

It was the year 2003, when the first human genome came into existence. But, whatever secrets that genome had were never revealed to the world.

The truth got discovered some 3 decades ago and Dr. Paul Kraus was almost there to get the secretive things out. He spent his entire career looking after the existence of the lost tribes of humanity or the ancestors, who are no more now. When Kraus did a comparison of his own DNA with that of the lost tribes, he found a sequence of changes, which was actually a code.

If you are looking for some more mystery and fictional work from the author, then you must check out his novels: The Lost Colony  and Winter World.


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