Ghost Run

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Hard to survive in the zombie apocalypse because you run out of option and friends very quickly, grave fails to prove a safe pit in such time. J.L. Bourne’s warriors are still fighting in this fourth episode which is absolutely sensational. Finding hope in the heart is tough if you don’t have a solution to any problem and the task force was facing such sort of situation. Fourth part however is with a good luck sign, the true cause of the devastating plague has been found.

Instead of fighting against the undead aimlessly the task force now goes after the cause of this momentous happening that has destroyed the United States completely. Suddenly planning is seen and new men are recruited for the mission and people are seen willing to die for the cause. Efforts in Day By Day Armageddon and Beyond Exile have not gone wasted and tables are turned in rather quick succession. Series took the story on many different levels and the patience of the human soldiers is tested on most occasions.

Love scenes were present in the series but they were not the romantic sort that describes the love of a boy and girl. It was the love of brothers in arms that Jay Snyder narrated all the way. Presence of a strong female character could have a different impact on the story but it was not tried by Bourne. Also humanity never got a time to rest as it was busy in planning for the revenge against the zombie world. Pictures of triumph made by the powerful words of the task force’s leader are there to stay in the mind for a long time.


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