Ghost Story

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One thing Harry never found himself short of was enemies but it was when he was alive now after death he wants to forget all those horror because he plans to move further. Death proves to be a gift for him because he can run away from all the troubles but once again Harry is not allowed to “Rest in Peace”.

Something binds him between the real world and the world beyond and this is not the experience he was hoping for. There are forces that are committed to make him suffer even after death, and then there is another issue related to his friends that don’t allow him to rest even when he has no body to enjoy rest. For years the only source that has allowed him to face all the devils was the magic that he had in his mind and sleeves.

This blessing is not with the great wizard anymore, he cannot practice magic without a body but he must find his murderer. One who murdered Harry is after Harry’s friends too or in a nutshell after everyone whom Harry once knew or loved. No one could have assumed a late Harry in Dead Beat and White Night but after the fun in previous book Jim Butcher is back to the gear of seriousness.

James Marsters is also back on the track with this detailed version coming to the scenes once again. Harry the powerless being in the novel finds another power within himself and that is clever planning and thinking and finally knows that he can kick his enemies out of the game even without the use of magic or his body even.



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