Gigi Make Paradox

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Gigi Make Paradox is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is beautifully authored by Rob Dircks who is quite an accomplished writer in the science fiction category. It is the 3rd book in the Where the Hell is Tesla? trilogy.

The author creates some really inspiring science fiction fantasy worlds and it is for this reason, fans are always eagerly waiting for his next. If you want to have a look at the most successful novels from the author then you must check out the audio versions of You’re Going to Mars! and The Wrong Unit.

As expected from a Rob Dircks novel in audio version, he is yet again the narrator as well of this novel. His performance was outstanding by all means of quality.

Kids are a great blessing and it is always great to have them. The little Gigi and the daughter of Pete, Hannah are actually the sweet little fluffs that you may consider of the cotton candy. They look like spun right off the fairy spiders who used to live somewhere in the clouds. But, is it possible for them to cause any trouble? Seriously, you might think that a two year old toddler possibly could not be in a position to threaten the existence of our very own physical reality. But, you might just know that where this all is going.

The trilogy of Where the Hell is Tesla? is completed with this mighty novel. It is highly advised to take this trilogy in the given order or you will be completely lost. This novel r the other two will not be much meaningful if considered as standalone books.

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