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Gleanings-Arc of a Scythe Book 3,5

The writer of the book Neal Shusterman who has also narrated this book along with Megan Tusing, Grey Tremblay, and Fiona Hardingham has done it again here. This is not the first time that the audience is being taken to the Scythedom. The two famous books Scythe and Thunderhead are also from the same category and they were written before this book. So this book is a continuation of the series and there are more than one tales that are attached to it.

Humans have been living in an ideal sort of situation in this story because they have finally achieved perfection apparently. None of them dies because of any horrible disease anymore and the things like hunger and poverty do not exist now. There are Scythes who are keeping an eye on everything now in order to keep the balance alive.

It is the duty of the Scythes to keep an eye on the population increase because no one is dying so they control the increase in population in one way or the other. Humans have been paying a lot for the survival of this utopia that they have formed. Most of them think that this was the only way to keep the human race safe from complete extinction.

There is also a group that thinks that humans have turned into slaves and they cannot do anything according to their own will. The plot of this story is strong like the other parts and the story gets well linked with the previous parts very strongly in the middle which makes it a perfect next part of the series which has a long way to go.

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