Glendalough Fair

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The Norsemen and their leader showed tremendous war skills and temperament in the last two to three books and they have always attained for which they have tried. Though they never wanted to get themselves indulged in many matters in which they were force to interfere. It is spring time in the great land of Ireland and the Vikings who have suffered the wrath of terrible winter now can finally rest for a while under the sun. The sun with it brings favorable climate that is suitable for war as well.

We never saw anyone complaining the weather in Fin Gall – A Novel of Viking Age Ireland or The Lord of Vik-Lo but now the cruel weather is finally showing the impact on the knights. The Vikings are more tired apparently and they need a time out which is sadly not given to them even in this part by James L. Nelson.

The author paints another hurdle in front of the Vikings and Irish lord comes with a tempting plan which once again possesses some hidden agenda as well. The Vikings never expected another betrayal coming their way in the form of an Irish lord which they were helping in the battlefield.

For him it was like killing two birds with one throw i.e destroying the enemy on land and then getting rid of the long boats of the Vikings when they are surrounded from all corners by his ships. It’s really interesting the way the writer has conveyed this fictional material in the ever green voice of Shaun Grindell the one who has enhanced the grandeur of this series.




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    Fin Gall

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