Gods and Beasts

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Denise Mina is a fine and critically acclaimed writer. He specializes in the crime mystery thrillers including police procedurals or modern detective stories. God and Beasts is one such top class novel by the author. It is the 3rd chapter of the popular Alex Morrow series, written by the author. Moira Quirk has done a great job with the narration that earned its part of appreciation as well.

The time is just one week before Christmas when a single robber all on his own eruptions into a very busy post office of Glasgow. He had an AK-47 in hand and looked very threatening and aggressive. An overage mane all of a sudden hand over his very young grandson to a complete stranger and very quietly helped the robber fill his bag with cash. He also helped him in escorting to the door. He then opened up the door and soon he bows down his head. The gunned robber fires off at him using AK-47 and teared the grandfather in 2 pieces.

The detective Alex Morrow gets her task cutout for the investigation of this crime. Upon arriving at the post office, she finds out that the security alarm was disabled well before the robbery. But, upon investigation, no employee of the post office was fund having any link with the robber. Actually, there was a sinister and a hidden political network behind all this robbery case.

The End of the Wasp Season and Conviction are other top quality novels written by Denise Mina. Both are crime mystery novels and part of an engaging long series. The audio format of these mentioned novels is highly recommended.





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    The End of the Wasp Season

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