Gods and Men

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Gods and Men is the second volume of the Ruins of the Earth novel series. It is a science fiction and fantasy book which is jointly written by Christopher Hopper and J. N. Chaney. They both are amazing bestsellers and gave some very beautiful novels. One of their very best is the Ruins of the Galaxy novel. Ruins of the Galaxy is the title chapter of this series which they both wrote with so much passion.

The audio narration of this book is in safe hands as R. C. Bray narrated it. This performance went extremely well throughout and it will be a very easy listen.

Humans were treated like sheep to be slaughtered. The only hope that they had for their survival was from a special team that had just departed from the planet.

Wic and the Phantom Team were in action to pass through the origin ring of the Antarctic. They discovered themselves at the core of the Androchidan Empire. All that happened after the completion of their successful mission which was about the destruction of the slaver ring within New York City. Just as the scope of the operation of the alien operation became obvious, the Phantom Team realized that they couldn’t stand by as mankind was discarded into submission. Some very strong efforts were warranted to slow down the progress of the enemy, if not then stop it entirely.

The fans and critics rate this book as the best military science fiction of the year. The narration by R. C. Bray made this book so much more special. This novel for sure is a must-listen for all fans of science fiction and fantasy novels.

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