Gods & Legionnaires

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Savage war took a zooming start in Savage Wars, the humans looked weak in their defenses because the enemy was with proper scheme. Savages have taken quick control over New Vega and the colonies that were attached to it.

Humans on the other hand are in no mode of going to the ashes that easily. Experimentation for a super force starts at once from the human side because they are aware that they cannot fight with the demons in their present position. However they cannot just run away from the fight because running is of no use against those who call themselves gods. Jason Anspach and Nick Cole bring in their next concept of heroes’ i.e the legion.

A band of soldiers volunteer for the experiment that can also kill them if it fails but they are ready to sacrifice themselves for the cause. Fate works in the favor of the human world and the super soldiers capable to fight against the Savages are created.

Battle for survival starts from both sides after this as the Legion equalizes the human world in power and potential but still not in number. Stephen Lang’s narration provides the crisp at the crunch time when warriors from both sides come face to face. The Hundred will bring the final battle to the screen in which the domination issue would get resolved forever.

Humans have raised a sign of hope for them and all eyes are set on the heroes also there is a threat that if they fail against the enemy human race would have no other option in the pocket. Awesome do or die situation is presented for the Legionnaires and all the pressure in on their shoulders.

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    Savage Wars

    The Hundred Galaxy’s Edge: Savage Wars, Book 3


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