Golden Fox

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Previously Wilbur Smith and the narrator Sean Barrett took us on a tour to a safari where the hunters became the hunted when the tide turned. The eighth part of the series is in Mexico which makes it clear that Wilbur to write these books has been studying a lot about different cultures and landscapes. Whenever the author starts a new chapter, the first thing to get full description is the surrounding scenery which is complete and accurate in all regards.

Although Wilbur has described the Courtney family throughout the series the author seldom gives time to the ladies of the family in the novel. Series has moved to the next generation now and Shasa’s daughter has turned into a seventeen years old adult who loves to roam on the streets of London.

While she roams on the streets on a freeway she fails to notice that there is someone out there who is keeping an eye on her. Ramon also known as “The Golden Fox” is the perfect lady killer by all means and his next target is Isabella. Ramon works for the agency and wants a way to enter the Courtney family so that he can get to the secrets the family is hiding for centuries.

The man starts getting closer to the girl and it is through her he plans to attain his goal this time. Rule of Courtney’s family seems to be in danger at this stage because Isabella just finds herself in a fix. Rage and A Time to Die had fight scenes but this one is all about conspiracies and planning. Every one of the characters is playing his own game this time and no one wants to get his hands dirty over time. The rule of the Courtney family is in danger like always and now there is a traitor in the family.

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