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When the author Laila Ibrahim started writing about culture and women in the novels Yellow Crocus and Mustard Seed people thought that the author does not possess much info. However, after listening to those novels in the voice of Bahni Turpin, that thought got completely eradicated from the mind of the audience. Laila was not only able to portray an excellent background for the novels but she also remained successful in painting heart-touching characters.

The novel is about racism once again, the difference is that the novel has some optimism in it. Previously the authors used to talk about racism only to arouse sympathy in the heart of the audience and there was no other purpose linked to it. Laila has a different concept about it. Jordan in the novel is a black teacher and Sadie is a white woman who is married to a man who does not possess feelings for her.

Jordan and Sadie used to be friends when they were young. Jordan happens to be the son of a slave but Sadie’s mother had relations with the family which allowed her to come so close to the boy. Now a year later Jordan goes back to the land where he used to work along with his family.

Sadie also returns to the plantation as she thinks that the relationship which she has been trying to save for a long time is over. The two meet once again but there are certain issues in society that are still the same and these issues hinder the way of the two lovers once again. Only on this occasion, they are going to get rid of those issues permanently.

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