Gossip Girl, Book 1

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Gossip Girl got the launching with the story of S, B, and N which came to the town with its scintillating information and mind-blowing stuff.  The second phase has approached now and Cecily von Ziegesar comes to the real tale now with a lot of description about the surroundings and much more gossips. Hotshot known as “S” left the school in Gossip Girl as she shifted to the boarding school on her demand. With her disappearance from the scene, things started to go well for the other girls of the school because they got the chance to impress boys of their choice. But that devilish beauty is back in the school now and on her return, she looks more stunning than ever.

None can compete with her apparent charm and no boy in school can resist the temptations of her beauty. For the schoolgirls, the time to lose their boyfriends has approached, even the teachers could not tame S once she is in her full bloom. One thing S is quite helpful in is for the Gossip Girl because with the return of this lady more gossips and news spread in the school and the rest of the locality.

Her dresses, fashion, and sleepovers with different boys all can easily become the sensational headlines. You Know You Love Me will hopefully mesmerize us even more as we get the chance to see deep into the world of young girls through this series. Gossips that we listen to here in Amy Rubinate’s voice tell us more about the mentality of the modern girls of the current era. Getting to the boys of their choice seems to be their primary motive on most occasions.

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    Gossip Girl



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