Grace Under Fire

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Buchanan comes to the fourteenth part in which a woman is just not interested in getting any kind of protection even when she knows that someone is coming after her. Julie Garwood has created stubborn women in previous episodes like The Wedding and Hotshot but it does not go any better than this one. Samantha Brentmoor hasn’t allowed any kind of pauses in the narration because of which there is a little more flavor in this episode.

Grace was on for some fun and she thought that getting a few chores linked to business could also be completed while she is on the go. She was going to Boston for Buchanan’s anniversary function and she thought that she should go to Scotland first in order to solve an inheritance issue first. While her stay at that place she just went on a stroll and got entangled in a serious issue. She shot a man in self-defense and quite to her surprise the man died on the spot. Grace was arrested but the Buchanan came to her rescue and she was allowed to go within no time.

Michael Buchanan was the attorney whom Grace had never liked but now she was stuck with him for some time because he is her bodyguard for her. Michael has loved Grace since the beginning but here it is not love initially rather he wants to be with Grace in order to protect her. Grace does not know that her single act has started a series of events in the area and the enemies are coming after her for sure because they want to see her dead.

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