Grave New World Audiobook

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Grave New World

The story takes us to a new line and cuts us off from the rest of King’s work that usually focuses on supernatural elements. It good to listen to the old methods of the world when the trade was free all over the world and when the world was a less corrosive place to live for the people. The word globalization is ironical as this word is actually creating the difference in the world instead of the unification of the whole world. We come to know about the economic and also different political aspects of the world thus the novel for the first time is related to the factual world of facts and figures instead of the fictional world. The novel though is boring for those who have a little interest in economy or other such things.

The need for the revival of the old methods in order to prosper in the near future is also a new approach toward life. Stephen King has added details that are a bit less interesting when narrated because historical events and the concept of globalization does not add to the elements of an interesting story. The narration is good but appears to be same most of the time and lacks the variations at certain levels. The problems that could be faced by the people in the near future is also discussed that could be raise political discussions in the circles as well.

The supernatural elements seem much similar to ones described in The Dark Half and The Vampire Archives: The Most Complete Volume of Vampire Tales Ever Published.




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