Grave Secrets

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The forensic specialist along with her team was investigating an old case of murder in Chupan Ya when a new case emerges near them. Tempe along with Andrew was digging the place where twenty three people were buried in the past and suddenly she got a call from the colleague working quite near to them. The woman on the call yelled hysterically and then after the gun shots she became silent.

The bodies of the two persons were found and the local people told them that there were others who have vanished from the village in the current days. Among the four girls that have disappeared recently is the daughter of an ambassador. Tempe starts working with the local police of Guatemalan and quickly they are on track but the track is deadlier that they guessed. Some hints related to cross border issues makes the investigation even more difficult for everyone. Kathy Reichs introduces some lab related experiments and by the look of things the author will use this thing much more in the future.

Fatal Voyage and Death du Jour were just start for Tempe and now she is evolving as a detective too. Her work is not restricted to the forensic anymore; she surveys the places and looks into matters that are concerned to the police department. If this book is to be appreciated then strong plot is the basic element of this part, plus Katherine Borowitz narration that suits Tempe’s character. After listening to this one get ready for more wild episodes of the series, the author is broadening the spectrum of the great forensic expert Dr. Temperance Brennan.

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