Graveyard Shift and Other Stories From Night Shift

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Graveyard Shift and Other Stories From Night Shift

Stephen King with his tremendous art of storytelling and horror filled plots in most of his books, creates impactful stories and novels that surely cause jaw-dropping situations for the readers and listeners. This is another terror-filled collection of demonic, horror stories that never have been narrated in such a beautiful way by any other narrator except for John Glover.

John Glover has given life to the stories including the Graveyard shift. This is a great eye-popping collection of horror stories that keep your heart pounding, jaw crushing and stomach gripping hard together to engulf the feat that is depicted there.


Whether you are obsessed to know about the worker in the graveyard shift or you are interested in knowing about the Rat Queen, you can read or listen to all the happenings in this finest collection of thrill stories filled with suspense and terror. The man who loved flowers, the last rung on the ladder. The night surf and Jerusalem’s lot are some of the most popular horror stories you could find here.

You can feel the misery of the teenagers at the beach in the night surf and also feel the pain and terror as you know more about the ancestral and gruesome mansion in Jerusalem’s lot. This is a complete supplement for those who are in need of real horror, suspense and fantasy. Stephen King’s It, Sleeping Beauties, The Dark Tower I and many other stories have given the same feeling and theme already though this is the best collection you could ever get in one go.


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