Gray Matter and Other Stories From Night Shift Audiobook

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Gray Matter and Other Stories From Night Shift

Stephen King’s writing beauty is in the unpredictability of the situations that shape up during the full length of the story. The reader may make many assumptions while reading but most of them the writer with his expertise surprises them and always comes with a twist in the tale which gives new life to the entire storyline.

This novel is no different in this regard which comprises of 6 short stories narrating the dark side which keep us awake all night. The stories include the, ‘Gray Matter’, ‘The Boogeyman’, ‘I Know What You Need’, ‘The Woman in the Room’, ‘Strawberry Spring’ and ‘The Battleground’.

All of the above stories are unique and special for their storytelling, drama and the horrifying elements which is Stephen King known for and is the true essence of the story. Like many of the other stories from Stephen King, John Glover is the narrator which gives life to the characters of the story with his powerful and emotional voice.

The ending of almost all the stories is impeccable which is what you would like to have with any story that you listen to. If you are a fan of Stephen King’s such stories then you must also check out some of his other stories on the same storylines, such as, Dolores Claiborne, The Dead Zone and the Needful Things. All books are superb for their extremely powerful narration which could listen to relax at home or while you are on the go.




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