Green Rider

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Kristen Britain’s Green Rider is one of those series that became an instant hit after their first publication. The book contains magic, action, and thrill which can be experienced in other parts of the series too like First Rider’s Call and The High King’s Tomb. The novel introduces a girl named Karigan G’ladeheon who was just a runaway until she met her destiny by surprise. When the dying man gave her the brooch along with the green coat she thought all of it as a mistake. She has never been connected to any magical stuff in her life but then the magical brooch starts working for her which proves that she is the right one.

Being the chosen one surprises her but she has no time to enjoy these surprises because the cult which killed the previous green rider is after her now and it wants the message she possesses. For the message, the enemies killed the previous green rider and Karigan would have the same fate if she gets caught in the process. Being in such youthful charm the girl has no wish of getting arrows in the heart so she runs for her life and the promise she has made with the one who trusted her with his powers. It is during the journey her powers are revealed to her one after another, it appears that her powers become visible to her only when she needs them.

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Her enemies are tricky and only the king can help her if she reaches the palace in time with the message. When she approaches the message she comes to know that it is the palace that needs a help by the green rider. Narration by Ellen Archer needs some adjustment in accent the rest of the elements are all there in perfection. Member Benefit

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    First Rider’s Call


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