Guardian Angel

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Writing about the passion for love seems to be the strength of the author Julie Garwood. Many regular listeners started thinking that the author cannot write in other directions so it was obvious that the stories were going in the same pattern all the time. Here the author has taken a new step and there are innovative steps which are taken by the author. So now no one can say that the author has the same kind of stories in the stock.

Susan Duerden narrates this thriller in an excellent way so there is no chance that you are not going to like this story about Caine and the lovely Jade. Caine is a member of Marquess who shows readiness to help a woman named Jade who comes to their doorstep and tells them that there are dangerous men that are after her. Those dangerous looking men want to kill Jade and the reason is unknown. Caine thinks that Jade is hiding a lot from them but still he does not say anything instead he started taking interest in the gorgeous woman.

Caine has never felt such a sensation before and no woman in the town has ever been able to tempt him but Jade is different than the rest. Dangers start to loom on the Marquess because of the girl but they decide to show their true strength to the enemies on this occasion.

The Wedding and Hotshot showed a few characters in the story but here there is an entire team on both sides that is ready to take each other down for sure. Caine knows the risk attached to Jade but he is going to find out her secrets for her own good.

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