Gunmetal Gray

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Gunmetal gray is the 6th chapter of the highly appreciated Gray Man novel series. It is written by Mark Greaney, who rose to fame right after the release of the first novel of the series having the same title as the saga itself. Gunmetal Gray is an espionage thriller, where the powerful characters would surely mesmerize you and of course the storyline as well that revolves around CIA, its missions and their top agents. Jay Snyder is the narrator of this novel, who with his soulful voice has done great justice to the characters that he played in this novel.

Court Gentry is back with the CIA job, after being on the run for 5 long years. His first mission after rejoining forced him to think that he should have stayed out, especially when a couple of Chinese agents planned to get him down in Hong Kong. Chinese agents normally settles for eyes-only on international agents, but why they are at such a high alert this time?

High stakes of Court Gentry look for all the answers and took him all across the Southeast Asia region. This journey brought him close to Donald Fitzroy, who is one of his very old friends. Donald was kept as a hostage by the Chinese agents. Donald was given a task to locate Fan Jiang, who is the former member of the top secret warfare unit. The job of this unit was to test the security system of Chinese.

Agent in Place and Red Metal are other notable novels written by Mark Greaney, apart from the hugely successful debut novel of him by the name of The Gray Man, of course. All these are mystery thrillers and powerful vocal performances of these audio books makes them even more special for the audience.

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