Halfway to the Grave

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Just like every other book that Jeaniene Frost has written over the years about vampires this book starts with a lot of information provided to the audience.

Frost always presents her main character in complete detail before starting the series and then after that, there are only action and no background scenes. Catherine Crawfield the primary character never expected to form a bond with a vampire. Her mother’s life was completely ripped by a vampire once and because of that she too shares half vampire’s blood.

Since her teenage is looking for her father so that she can bring him to justice for the act that he once did. Instead of her father, she finds Bones who successfully catches her and a bond is formed. Bones tells Catherine that he can help her in finding her father but first she has to train herself in the art of fighting. Catherine gets impressed by Bones’ behavior and develops a new term in her mind i.e a good vampire. Soon they are ready to launch for the mission but before that, they are attacked by a strange group.

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The Half-Vampire girl has to fight against this group and at the same time, her heart fights against the temptation of the vampire that is coming very close to her. The story and Tavia Gilbert’s narration reminds us of Bound by Flames and Into the Fire, the only difference is the girl who is also a vampire this time.

So she is not running away from a fight rather she is the one who has started it in the first place. She wants to get to her father no matter what happens to her and she is bound to avenge for the injustice that was once done to her mother.


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