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John Passarella makes Halloween a nightmare for Laurie Strode and her family as the one from her past returns to claim the lives of those she loves and this time he wants the real business.

Laurie was just a teenager back in 1978 when she survived from the deadly fangs of Michael Myers. That killed all her friends and became a threat for the whole community after savage attacks on almost everyone that lived in that particular locality.

Myers was caught after he was shot by the police and was taken away but now he has returned to the town and wants to finish what he started very long ago. Laurie has become a grandmother now and she is not that afraid girl anymore.

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After all these years she has made herself strong enough to face the killer and all such threats but the only problem that she now faces is that her daughter and granddaughter are not with her. They are out of town for the Halloween festival and thus are under a major threat.

For Laurie, it’s time for action not just to get rid of the past devils that her mind has created but to save her family as well. The story is well-knit and the events are well arranged in order to keep the continuity of the story alive.

The dramatic twists resemble a bit with the books Her Final Breath and My Sister’s Grave, the story however is a new one narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith who possessed an exact voice for such kind of stories, as these sort of stories need gravity in the voice of the narrator.

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