Halo: Broken Circle

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Covenant does not look like a new name for those fans who have listened to the previous twelve books of the series. Humans faced the Covenant quite bravely and it does not exist anymore now thus has become a part of human history. John Shirley in this new portion of the Halo series takes the story away from the humans for a while and lets us witness the Covenant in detail. Things like difference in issues and other such thing also took place in the alien world but they weren’t discussed in the previous parts.

Covenant’s birth took place long ago and the aliens in those days faced threats from the Prophets and the Elites. Just like the human world the colony of the aliens was expanding but the grip of the government on all sectors was weak. Elite group was the biggest pain for the newly established world because it was bringing law and order down in the society. During this John Shirley introduces a Prophet with an agenda of his own that threatens the rest of the world. Bringing down the current leadership is just the start of his master plan but before taking any step he is caught.

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Shirley wrote Bioshock: Rapture and Demons before this book, thus writing about aliens and technological geniuses was new for the author. But the fun is not spoiled at all; rather this particular episode of the series provides more information about the Covenant than any other part in the past. Scott Brick narrates with minimal ease because the story was so well told that conveying things to the audience was never a problem.




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