HALO: Cryptum

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Halo world enters a new domain with the start of this new chapter that does not talk about the super soldiers or Covenant anymore. All started about a million year ago when the life in the universe was well balanced and everyone existed in complete harmony with one another. Then one race stood up against everything and brought imbalance in the world with the help of its superior technology. All it wanted was to dominate the rest of the species but this one thing started a war in the galaxy and made many species extinct.

Forerunners initially brought peace to the land but it was just a camouflage because behind the veil of good ruling they started exterminating those who stood against them. It does not remain a secret for long and one after the other the other races started standing against the Forerunners for their freedom. Being the keepers of the Mantle of Responsibility it was up to them to keep an eye on everything but they failed. There is no evidence now that they once ruled the universe and what happened to them is unknown.

All the universe now knows about the Forerunners is that they vanished in thin air without a trace. Book is just a start of the new phase, HALO: Primordium and HALO: Silentium will share the details about the truth. Till the end of this book Greg Bear just tells us about the secrets, he does not reveal them. Later parts will help us solve the mysteries that Holter Graham narrates in the current part. Missing the next parts will keep the listener hanging in the balance forever so don’t miss.



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