HALO: Envoy

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Humans and aliens have destroyed each other in war to an extent after which they are forced to live together. Forging an alliance is the only way possible on some planets, although men from both side don’t support it but they have no other option to opt. One of such planets where a collision government is taking care of things is Carrow.

Humans and Sangheili are running things but there is unrest in the alien side which could be the opening that Melody needed. Melody is given a mission to save the Spartans who have been encaged after the end of the war by the enemy. Elite fleetmaster has captured the Gray Team or the Spartans for his personal pleasure; he first wants to play with them before getting rid of them forever. It is a rescue mission but it needs extreme secrecy, one wrong move from any person can endanger not only the members of the Gray Team but also the peace of the colony.

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Tobias S. Buckell’s work again gets the aid of Scott Brick’s voice that has been decorating the previous four to five books as well. Scott’s voice is properly designed for this sort of stuff with aliens and outer space expeditions attached.  If the audience has some info about HALO: The Cole Protocol and Arctic Rising then keep in mind it is nothing like those two.

It’s an entirely different Tobias that we see operating here in this part of the Halo series. The author talks about hidden plans, agendas and controversies within the alien ranks that he usually doesn’t talk about very much in the stories.



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