HALO: Fractures

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All of the authors that have contributed in the series over the years, come together to create this wonderfully flavored book. Tobais Buckell, Kelly Gay, Kevin Grace, Troy Denning and Morgan Lockhart who have written books such as HALO: Oblivion and Halo: Legacy of Onyx  have joined their powers here. Each author talks about the world of Halo in his own style but the theme remains unchanged. There is another thing that has remained unchanged for a very long time i.e the narrator Scott Brick.

Tales in the book takes us to different time zones and these stories don’t only discuss about the humans but the alien world also has an equal part. The revelation of the truths for the aliens and humans and the unveiling of the mysteries create an appeal for both sides. Just like the rest of the series there are some stories that discuss about the Forerunners who had an advanced technological grip on the universe once and then they perished. The technology that they had in their grasp still exists somewhere in the universe.

The humans and aliens are actually searching for those technological tools that can help them get the upper hand in war against the enemies at all times. Wars that take place in most stories then gradually take us to the rise of the Guardians once again into the world. These Guardians have their own purpose of life and for them the aliens and humans are not that much significant in the survival of the universe. Ending of different stories confuse the listener so it is better that one must not listen to all of it in one go.



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