HALO: Ghosts of Onyx

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Dr. Catherine Halsey once started the program of the super soldier in an underground lab because the government wanted to keep the experiments a secret. Later the super soldiers stood against the enemy in the battlefield and saved the galaxy from the upcoming calamity. Not only this, the troop under the supervision of John destroyed the ancient artifact known as the Halo. The place was quite sacred for the alien race and it also was their hidden agenda to complete the artificial world.

After the destruction of Halo the aliens too started trying hard to find the earth and the finally got the location pin pointed in their radars. HALO: First Strike and HALO: The Flood never talked about the war on earth.

Aliens attacked the other colonies of human beings but they knew nothing about the earth. Covenant is in the earth’s atmosphere this time and the shelling is really bringing destruction to the home planet. John and his team of super soldiers are no more a secret for the humans and they stand as the first defense line for the humans.

Meanwhile UNSC makes a clever plan of taking the war to Onyx i.e a planet with no life apparently but it possesses something that the enemy desperately wants. Eric Nylund’s work is narrated by Jonathan Davis with superb accuracy.

Jonathan has given more time to John as the story revolves around his decisions and role in the war. It is John who takes the lost battle back to the enemies and stands as a sign of hope for the human civilization when all the hopes and passion disappeared from all around.

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