Halo: Legacy of Onyx

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Onyx was discussed before in the series many times as it is said to house many remains of the Forerunner technology. Previously there were wars on Onyx’s borders between humans and the Covenant; well everything has changed now since the war has ended. Aftershocks of the war are still terrible for many people but they have learnt to survive in their own ways. Among those who are hit badly by war is Molly Patel, she lost her family when she was just seven years of age.

Covenant took everything away from her in seconds and she just cannot forget what happened in her homeworld. Luck provided her a new family after that and she lives with the foster parents now. The foster parents have really shown their love to her in these nine years and that’s why she is attached to them now and seldom remembers what she has lost.

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Molly’s new family gets a job that takes them to Onyx, Molly accompany her parents and when the reach their destination they feel that they are trapped. Matt Forbeck writes about the desperate run of a girl who does not want to lose her family a second time. Halo: New Blood and HALO: Bad Blood were not about women power.

Here Molly the teenager stands against the aliens with the grudge in mind that she had for them since she was seven. Scott Brick provides Molly the accurate voice through narration, she appears to be tense from the outside but from the inside she was always ready for this. The situation that the family faces on Onyx also proves how much care they have for one another.



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