HALO: Mortal Dictata

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Kilo-five is back for the final action, it has not been an easy job for the team but they are standing against the enemy strategies till now. For many on earth the war is over, however only this band of heroes knows that there is a new launching. The enemy was getting hold of the treasure buried in Onyx during HALO: The Thursday War but it was tackled well.

After the end of Covenant the thing that threatened the world government was a civil war. Many people all over the colony stood up against the rulers because they needed answers for the things that were kept hidden from them during the war. One such man is the father of a Spartan; his daughter was actually abducted by the soldiers for the experiment.

He wants to know why they took his daughter and what happened to her during the experimentation. The man comes to the Glass Earth for answers and he is not returning until he finds out the truth about his daughter’s abduction. Karen Traviss in Euan Morton’s voice attaches this last part of her trilogy more with the civil war which makes it an emotional and sentimental tale.

Also it is tough to decide that whether the abduction was justified in those circumstances. Kilo-Five wants to stop the man but the squad too is undecided in this situation. They have fought for the humans and the protection of the colony, thus stopping this particular man seems to be going against everything. Still they have no other option rather than to stop the man and protect HALO: Glasslands. If the man reaches the truth it would be all over for the protectors known as the Spartans.



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