HALO: Primordium

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Forerunners once ruled the galaxy with their dominating technology and knowledge about the universe. They maintained peace but the way that they used was not acceptable by many of the races. During all of the destruction that was bringing end to the world emerged Chakas and Riser.

Both the humans were arrested at first and when the destruction started they were thrown away as a result of an accident. World on which the two lands makes them amazed because they haven’t seen anything like it before.

Humans are like encaged animals in this world as they are kept for different experiments and they appear just like the lab rats. Forerunners are behind this entire maniac but stopping them is not easy at all. Chakas feels terrified and starts finding a way out of this madness with the help of a young girl. Getting out of Halo is like escaping from a maze with no open end. Luck looks to be running out for the three characters and then they finally meet the one who possesses the power to change everything i.e the Primordial.

Greg Bear at this spot presents Primordial as a godly figure that holds the fate of every creature in the universe and also has the power to alter it. HALO: Cryptum had Forerunners in it and this time Primordial takes over. HALO: Silentium will decide the final conclusion of this whole mystery about the ringworld narrated by Timothy Dadabo.

Audience after this second installment wants action because the suspense has become unbearable for all now. A lot is hidden and needs description so that its true purpose could be revealed.



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    HALO: Cryptum

    HALO: Silentium


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