HALO: The Cole Protocol

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Enemy is closing down to the earth after one planet and then the other, UNSC is losing serious support that it had in the form of other planets. Hesiod a planet around which the enemy is squeezing it’s strangle hold at present possesses an asteroid belt. On that belt known as the Rubble there are people who have escaped the war between the humans and the aliens. One after another people from different planets are gathering there and forming a strong hold.

On the earth there is talk about “The Cole Protocol” and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes is hired for a mission of a lifetime. Jacobs has to go far to the edge of the galaxy for an impossible task because from that spot in the galaxy the soldiers very rarely return. His return is very important for the survival of mankind, if the mission fails there would be no defense mechanism left for the protection of the earth.

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Tobias S. Buckell has written HALO: Envoy  and Arctic Rising along with this one but those books don’t have a story moving on a variety of levels at the same time. Here there is war between the aliens and humans also at Kig-Yar both parties have been able to sign a treaty. But the treaty does not stop the efforts of the three Spartans who know only one thing in life i.e to fight.

Jonathan Davis’ narration of the war scenes is matchless but the treaty situation was a little absurd for him that’s why it was tackled difficultly. Not a very big change in the story still which means that the series is not ending very quickly.



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