HALO: The Thursday War

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Karen Traviss brings the second installment of the trilogy here with Kilo-five on a serious mission in the outer space. Team known as the Kilo-five was introduced in HALO: Glasslands where they joined Catherine on Onyx for another breakthrough in human history.

Covenant got destroyed apparently but its leaders still remain and have grouped together, now they are called as Sangheili. War that broke out between the two sides was not a big one like the previous war that eradicated most members of the Covenant. This little duel soon became serious when a member of the Kilo-five got trapped in the enemy zone.

Along with these problems there is a big issue i.e an attack has been launched against one of the human colony by a man who was supposed to be gone forever. Primary goal of the Kilo-five in all these circumstances is to keep the Forerunner technology out of the reach of the enemy but it appears that they have failed. The technology has been retrieved and it has started to work. Not only the humans but also the remaining aliens in the universe would certainly perish this time if the Forerunner technology is used to its full potential. There was a reason it was kept under so much protection in the far side of the universe for such a long time.

Now the devil’s creation is out of the box and in order to stop it the heroes must destroy it. HALO: Mortal Dictata is the final part of this trilogy after this one and it will seal the fate of Kilo-five and also the aliens that are left after the destruction of Covenant. Euan Morton remains the official narrator for this trilogy and all hope that he ends everything well.



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    HALO: Glasslands

    HALO: Mortal Dictata


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