Hammer of God

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Greig Beck takes us to Iraq this time again on a mission of a lifetime where the international forces try to establish peace by one way or the other. The arrests and the fights between different groups is on the rise and luckily the government forces are rising in power and getting hold of the matter rather quickly which means that there would soon be peace in the region and the foreign forces would be able to withdraw from the region.

But everything is dashed to the ground when an atomic explosion changes the whole scenario of the war. The more disastrous than the atomic explosion is the creature that made it happen in the first place. The cameras near the explosion sight never reported any drones or such activities they just reported a creature that had the whole thing loaded on its back and it put in the earth in just a single strike.

People think that an ancient prophecy has finally started to show up in which a creature will bring the dead to life for its own purpose. Alex is one the job once again dealing with a creature that is tougher than the creatures he faced in Gorgon and This Green Hell. The threat of the atomic bomb is a new thing as another one could bring the whole city down within seconds and would result in millions of deaths.

That’s why the team takes the help of Mossad spy as well who is familiar with the place and the prophecy as well. The narration moves up and down a bit this time but Sean Mangan out of vast experience tackles well.

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