Happy People Are Annoying

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Happy People Are Annoying is a book on relationships, parenting, and personal development. This nonfiction book is written and narrated by Josh Peck.  He is an American actor, comedian, and vlogger. He started his career in the late 1990s as a child actor. He also played a role in The Amanda Show which ran from 2000 to 2002.

As a narrator of this book, Josh Peck did a fantastic job. He made this book a very easy and exciting listen for the audience.

Josh rose to his instant fame when he starred in the Drake & Josh show at Nickelodeon. He tried his best to maintain his as a comic and happy kid, but he struggled quite a lot in his private life.

This book is the first time where he reflected on his life during the late teens and the early 20s. Josh Peck was raised by a single mother. He filled the cratering hole in his self-worth with plentiful amounts of TV, drugs, food, and all sorts of accessories of young fame. Things changed when he realized that he was the only one standing in his way.

In the present day with a series of leadership roles in movies and hit TV shows, Josh Peck is more than happy with his life. He is enthusiastically content finally.

Happy People Are Annoying is a candid memoir from one of the most fascinating and recognizable faces of this generation. Josh in this book reflected on a range of stumbles of his life along with some silver linings as well. He is liked in this book mainly because of his aching honesty and impressive detail.

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