Harbour Falls Audiobook

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Harbour Falls

The novel is the first one of the series that S.R. Grey has started a mystery series perhaps as the story is full of mysteries all the way it progresses. The story is about Maddy Fitch the main character or the one who starts the tale because the tale is not related to her life she just attaches herself with the case in order to get some information about the story which might come handy for her in her next publication and secondly she feels some attraction towards the one to whom all the clues are directed “Adam Ward” the one who is thought to be the criminal lives in a lonely and isolated place in his dejected condition. He was the one who was engaged to the one who disappeared.

Maddy had a love for her hometown Harbour Falls as well which is constantly haunted by the tale of the disappearance of the girl shows complete willingness to solve the case at any rate. At the same time, she wants to draw Adam Ward out of this quicksand that is slowly eating him up from the inside rather than the outside. Maddy wants to prove Adams innocent as well so that she could have him for herself after the final disposition of the case. The story and the mystery in it unfold itself slowly but surely. Maddy too gets trapped in the whole drama so badly that there is no way out for her instead of solving the riddle by joining the whole pieces of the puzzle. The story is narrated excellently by Kelley Ernst who keeps the interest alive even when the slow progress makes us tired most of the time.

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