Hard Magic

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Being in the shoes of Jake Sullivan is not an easy thing even though he is a tremendously skilled detective and possesses the talent of magic too but he is in danger. He has been working for the government for many years and he has solved the cases in which the villains were using magic. The agency once again calls Jake for the solution to a robbery and it seems that magic has been used in the mission.

Jake starts looking for clues and he finds out that the girl who was involved in the robbery was an old friend who is also skilled in the art of magic like Jake. So tracking her down and then arresting her might not be as easy as it looks. All of its starts like a simple robbery and then Jake finds out that there is more to the case than the things which apparently catch the eye.

An entire cartel is behind the robbery and Jake’s friend was just a tool who was used in the crime. The cartel is from the world of magic and it does not want to see Jake coming in the way all the time. So the enemies have decided to get rid of Jake first so that they can proceed easily in the near future.

Jake instead of the investigation, finds himself running for his life, and for the sake of his life, he has to solve the case quickly. Monster Hunter International and Servants of War are Larry Correia’s creations with the same spice which the fans have tasted here. Bronson Pinchot has also given a nonstop performance so his role as the narrator is also worthy.

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