Harley Merlin 5-Broken Spell

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Bella Forrest is back again with another powerful novel, Harley Merlin and the Broken Spell. It is the 5th chapter of the popular Harley Merlin Series by the author. The story just like its prequel is based on a romantic plot and lots of thrilling situations for the audience to admire. Once again, Amanda Ronconi has created magic with her voice while giving such a powerful narration of this novel.

Harley Merlin is just like a ticking time bomb. She is always ready to explode with some irrepressible magic. There is one and only solution for this, which is to find the Voodoo Queen of the New Orleans and go on to make some risky deals with her. And, also to balance between the Darkness and Light found within her. This should all be done before she is spaced out, going atom by atom. This was a solution only in case if Harley Merlin didn’t had countless other problems that she was already dealing with.

The novice Director of the San Diego Coven is found not to be much friendly. On the other hand, Katherine has accumulated untold power already. Her gained power is far more than ever before. Harley Merlin is seeking answers about all the rituals that Katherine is to perform in order to become the goddess of destruction. Eris.

The Harley Merlin series is quite tempting and sensationalizing. You will be amazed to know the story of Harley Merlin in different chapters of the Harley Merlin saga. A couple of novels from the same series that you must listen are: Harley Merlin 2: Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins and Harley Merlin 9: Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact.






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