Harley Merlin 6-Cult of Eris

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Bella Forrest Harley Merlin Series is a marvelous joy ride for all the paranormal science fiction fantasy lovers. The Harley Merlin and the Cult of Eris is a super addition to the series with lots of entertaining aspects. Needless to say that Amanda Ronconi once again is brilliant with her narration given for the novel.

Harley Merlin in this novel comes up with some game plan in order to stop the ritual. The plan is to infiltrate the Cult of Eris and at the other end, steal back the soul of her mother. But, the only way, which could make that happen is through Finch, who is her devious half-brother. Finch is actually the same guy who was the most prominent bootlicker of Katherine not too long ago. Joining a cult is all meant by all means as the bonding time of siblings. Right?

Harley Merlin had absolutely no choice other than to break Finch completely out of the prison. Harley Merlin is bound to play her critical role as a loyal cultist. Within the inner circle of Katherine, all the watchful enemies and the deadly initiation trials were making every moment a sheer battle of survival.

Harley Merlin is completely aware of the fact that her half-brother, Finch was once himself an integral part of the cult. Harley wonders, if she would be ever able to end up with a meaningful new ally or not. Or, this time, she will get a knife in her back.

Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven and Harley Merlin 9: Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact novels by Bella Forrest proved to be highly enjoyable, which is endorsed through the positive feedback and reviews given by the critics.


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