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Hawaii is a literature genre fiction novel. It is co-authored by James A. Michener and Steve berry where the latter had his role only in the introductory chapter. The author, James A. Michener is a critically acclaimed writer for his fantastic pieces of literary work. If you want to know about more quality works from the writer then you should check out his The Source and Centennial novels. These recommended novels are also literature genre fiction with some good action and adventure as well. They sound really good in their respective audio versions.

The author in this novel has written a monumental tale of Hawaii which makes it a highly fascinating novel as a whole. It is a tale of a land from that particular time when the volcanic islands would rose all out of the sea and to the decade in which they formed as the 50th state of United States. The author James A. Michener employs quite a few experiences of the individuals in order to symbolize the hard struggle of different races in order to get themselves settled in the islands.

The narration of this novel is done by Larry McKeever. In the introduction part, you will hear the voice of Fred Sanders. It was a god performance by both the narrators with their respective roles to play.

This is one novel that you should never miss. It is brilliant work from every point of view associated with literary work. It is extremely vivid, exciting, thrilling and marvelous. The novel is highly recommended to experience in its audio form in order to get the true essence and soul of this beautiful piece of writing.

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